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Learn about Alarplasty – Nostril Reduction Surgery

Ala is the medical word for the sides of the nostrils and alarplasty is nose reduction surgery. In some patients, the nostrils can be wide or prominent. This appearance can be exaggerated by smiling.

What is Alarplasty?

The nostril reduction surgery involves removing some of the excess tissue from the sides of the nostrils where they attach to the cheek. The use of this technique allows for the scar to be well hidden.

It is a quick procedure but has to be done in a very conservative and precise manner. Removing too much nostril tissue can be devastating for nasal breathing and the aesthetic appearance. Some suture techniques have been described that cinch the sides towards the center, thus narrowing the nostrils.

My Approach: For alarplasty, I like to take out a triangular wedge from the side of the nostrils and leave a 1mm area of the nasal groove skin untouched. This allows preservation of the natural nose and cheek groove (alar groove) and helps camouflage the incision.

Please click on the link below to watch a video of the procedure by Dr. Janjua


What is the cost of Alarplasty?

We currently charge $4,500 for Alarplasty. However, the cost can be higher in more complex or revision cases.  Concerned about affording alarplasty?  We have great financing options.

Is nostril reduction permanent?

Yes, alarplasty procedures are long-lasting and are considered permanent. However, due to the natural aging process, the shape of the nose and nostrils may change slightly.

Can you reduce nostril size without surgery?

There are a lot of fads and myths that circulate on the internet about nose exercises or nonsurgical home remedies. However, it is very unlikely that any of these will change the shape of your nose. That is because the shape of your nose is mainly determined by the bone and cartilage in your nose, and cannot be changed without a surgical procedure such as a nostril reduction surgery.

What’s the difference between alarplasty and rhinoplasty?

Alarplasty and rhinoplasty are both nose procedures that remove some of the tissue to reform the shape of your nose. The difference is that a rhinoplasty procedure is done by removing some of the bone and cartilage to change the shape and projection of your nose. Alarplasty, on the other hand, removes the excess skin and tissues from your nostrils, giving your nostrils a better shape.

Is nostril reduction safe?

Yes, if done properly it is a very safe procedure. But like any other surgery, there is always a risk of complications. You should watch our video on ‘Complications of Alarplasty’

How is Alarplasty done?

There are many different techniques. The most common technique involves excising a wedge of tissue along the sides of the nostrils and then stitching the two edges together to reduce the size.

Does nostril reduction affect breathing?

Rare. If the nostrils are made too narrow it can affect breathing. If a patient has an existing issue with nasal breathing, it can be exacerbated.

Does alarplasty hurt?

No, alarplasty is a typically painless procedure. During nostril reduction surgery, patients will receive either anesthetic or a combination of a sedative and anesthetic, making the procedure itself painless.  After surgery the pain is minimal and easily managed with Tylenol (Acetaminophin)

What is the average recovery process after nostril reduction surgery?

Most alarplasty patients experience no more than just a few weeks of downtime. Patients can resume normal activities within a week. Any symptoms such as swelling, bruising, and tenderness usually goes away within about a week or two.

When can I put on make up?

Eye make up can be applied after 48 hours but no make up can be applied to cheeks or near the nose for 2 weeks.

Is there scarring from Alarplasty?

The risk of scarring is minimal. It can be minimized by proper technique and proper wound care after the surgery.

What can I do if I get some scarring?

It can be treated with lasers and steroid injections. In rare cases revision surgery might be needed.


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