Alarplasty Surgeon Reviews

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Like many of other Asian girls, I always want my nose to be narrower and more defined. I recently had an alarplasty done by Dr. Janjua.


Why didn’t I come to Dr. Janjua earlier?

Fantastic!, Dr. Janjua is the best. I would recommend him to all of my friends. The whole staff treated me like royalty, if I ever need anything else done, I’m going back to him. I’m very pleased with the work he did on me


Dear Dr. Janjua,
Today was the first time I did FaceTime and loved the image of myself that I saw. I love my new nose it is literally what I’ve always dreamed for. (more…)

Thankful for Dr. Janjua’s Expertise in Alarplasty!!! He Made a Huge Difference in my Appearance!

I had an Alarplasty, which I didn’t know even existed. I had my nostrils reduced – they were very flared – and I really wasn’t interested in doing a Rhinoplasty because I didn’t want to change the authentic shape of my nose.


The Alarplasty was absolutely wonderful!

I did a Rhinoplasty with this Dr over a year ago and I can honestly say that he is a safe bet. (more…)

The Safe Choice for African American Rhinoplasty

Mi experiencia fue buena. Excelente Doctor. En la clínica hay personal que habla español, me sentí segura, me explicaron bien todo.


Bonita Experiencia

Dr. Janjua is the best. I had an alarplasty done by Janjua. he made my procedure and healing process so easy. I called him for further aftercare advice and always got the help I needed. I can’t wait until my second procedure in January.

Amazing Results

I’ve made a year since my Alarplasty and I don’t regret it one bit. Dr. J did a fantastic job. I love my results and the scarring has improved over time. Some times I forget I even had it done. (more…)

Alarplasty Procedure – One year update

A few years ago I underwent a Rhinoplasty procedure with a surgeon in the UK and although surgery was mostly successful I had requested for surgeon to leave out the Alarplasty as he was honest enough to advise me that Alarplasty was not his area of expertise (more…)

Amazing Surgeon! Amazing Alarplasty Results!

I had an amazing experience at Dr. Janjua’s office. Him and his staff are amazing, they make you feel right at home in the office. I LOVE my results.

African American Alarplasty

Alarplasty was wonderful with Dr. Janjua. The best! No pain, nothing, totally different look for me. I love it, I love it, and I love him. He’s the best doctor ever. (more…)

I love it and I love him!

All my life i was unhappy with my nose. I always felt it was so wide and bulbous, especially when i smiled. In 2007 i had a rhinoplasty by a different doctor with mediocre results. (more…)

Exactly what i wanted!!!

I went to Dr. Janjua to have an alarplasty done. During the first consultation, he told me he didn’t think the procedure was necessary for me and suggested I ask around for other doctors’ opinions.

A Wonderful Alarplasty

I did my research and found Dr Janjua. I felt very comfortable with him after our Factime session and decided to have the surgery. I traveled from VA to NJ and I’m so happy I did. (more…)

I did my research and found Dr Janjua. I felt very…

Dr. Janjua performed an Alarplasty on me in June 2020. I wanted narrower nostrils as my large/flare nostrils were taking away from my facial features. (more…)

Great Experience!

I live overseas and researched many Drs who perform alarplasty and tiplasty. I did not want to be anesthetized. I found many great you tube videos and excellent reviews about dr Janjua in New Jersey. (more…)

I live overseas and researched many Drs who…

I had been researching alarplasty since high school, because I always hated the way my nostrils would flare out. I didn’t want to change my nose too much, I just wanted to make it better (if that makes sense?). (more…)

Dr. Janjua is the master of Alarplasty!

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